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ALL-IN-ONE course (Pickling Class)

ALL-IN-ONE course (Pickling Class)

Your style

Learn Shiiki style nukazuke,which has won the Hyogo five-star rating, at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

For centuries, nukazuke (vegetables pickled in rice bran bed) was one of the best-kept secrets of Japanese households until recent years. Find out what makes these tasty pickles popular through this comprehensive face-to-face and/or video course with English language translation and an English textbook. Embark on your pickling adventure with us now!

All course packages listed above include the following:

  • A4 textbook (in English) with 6 healthy nukazuke recipes
  • 9 videos (each about 10-15min with step-by-step detailed directions) available during course period (3 months) (see the picture for contents).
  • Invitation to join BAND group chat for follow-up/Q&A (for an unlimited period) after course has ended
  • Ingredients for nukadoko (rice bran bed): 2kg rice bran, rice bran seedling, kelp, salt and chili.

How to start the course (Video course only)

Course registration deadline - 10th of each month
Course start date - 1st of every month

  1. Each student be invited to join the group in Band.
  2. All videos will be provided through in Band
  3. A text book and ingredients for nukadoko (rice bran bed) will be sent to those who purchase the course.
(Shipping cost is included in the course fee)

    Each lesson is accompanied by a video that will provide step-by-step detailed directions. These videos are useful for those who would like to learn independently at home or are unable to attend the physical lesson. It is important that everyone is well-supported throughout their learning.

    All students (online and/or face-to-face lessons) should have their containers ready prior to the start of the first lesson. We will propose suitable nukadoko containers and provide the website for online purchase.

    If you would like to schedule face-to-face pickling lesson, please contact Hata's Hamper (

    ❖ Due on the 10th of each month (your payment)

    • No cancellations or refunds will be made after textbooks have been shipped
    • Telecommunication costs for the course are to be paid by the student.
    • Please understand the following terms and conditions when applying for the course.

    ❖ Terms and conditions

    • Please keep the personal information of other students on the course website strictly confidential.
    • It is strictly prohibited to duplicate or take out any text, images, videos, etc. from the course website, to post them on any media including SNS, or to publish the Shiki Method or recipes.
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