High quality, refined ,delicious and fresh products to your home directly

Our Keyword is "旬 in season"

After living abroad for 28 years and flying to more than 50 countries, I am proud to present Hata's Hamper's best choices"旬 SHUN in Season", having experienced the best of the best all over the world.

Meet the Founder

  • Direct to Your Table

    Hata's Hamper is delivered directly from the producers to the customer after harvest/production.

  • Locally Made

    Hata's Hamper is proud to offer produce that is made in Japan, with the utmost care and attention to detail by the producers.

  • Carefully Selected

    Hata's Hamper will not seek out cooperating producers from the general public, but will offer what Hata's Hamper and our associates consider delicious and wonderful.

  • Our wish

    Hata's Hamper wishes to provide an environment where not only Japanese people, but also foreigners living in Japan who are fluent in English, can shop as if they were Japanese people shopping in Japanese.

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