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Nakayama Farm

Furano Melon 1.6kg (incl Shipping)

Furano Melon 1.6kg (incl Shipping)


Note: Delivery will begin in early July.

Furano melon is a generic term for melons grown in the Furano area, without any standard for variety or cultivation method.

In Furano, the Yamabe area in particular has been the focus of much study and research on cultivation, and the farmers there 

have high cultivation techniques and produce high-quality melons.

Nakayama Farm constantly tests new varieties of melons each year and selects the best variety for the region and the time of year. The current crop is as follows, but the harvest time varies each year.

- Early July - Mid July  King Ruby

- Late July - early August  Orfe (blue flesh melon)

- Late July - Late September  Tiara R113U

Furano melons are classified into three categories: excellent, superior, and good, based on overall evaluation of sugar content, netting, and shape.

The melons delivered from Nakayama Farm are the highest grade "Superior".

You will receive the melons Nakayama Farm is producing at the time of your order.

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Love the melon!

We love Nakayama farm melons. We followed instruction when to eat which came with the fruit. The melon is sweet until the edge, yet the texture is crispy! Highly recommended!!

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