Collection: Inoue Nouen, Furano Hokkaido

Inoue Farm is a farm run by the Inoue family, located in Furano, surrounded by mountains and with a wide range of temperatures.

Chihiro, a beginner farmer who married into the Inoue family, learned about crops from living on the farm, and in her personal life, through raising her children, she realized that "food creates the health of the body," and has been carefully growing rice and seasonal vegetables. In 2022, she decided to develop her own potential and open her herb fields in the forest of Furano.Together with her husband, she cleared a mountain with no roads and completed a stunning herb field in the midst of Furano's natural forest.

They use natural farming methods with no pesticides or fertilizers. Water comes only from melting snow and rainwater. Because the herbs are grown in such a harsh environment, they have a strong sweet taste and aroma, and are specialized for herb tea and kitchen herbs.

(Currently applying for JAS organic certification)

Hata's Hamper brings to your table herbs with a deep aroma produced in this newly born herb field.

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