Collection: Iori Farm Yoichi Hokkaido

Fruit paradise in Hokkaido - Nestled in Yoichi Niki-machi, renowned for its fruit-growing, is Iori Farm; a small family-run business.

100% Organic - 100% organic fertilizers, self-made compost, and an absolute refusal to employ pesticides - Iori Farm is committed to providing the most natural crops. From the farm to the plate, we bring the truest taste of vegetables and fruits, perfect for health-conscious individuals and children alike.

Vegetable&Fruits Seasons in Hokkaido - Hokkaido's short growing season for produce, lasting from early May to late October, benefits from the plentiful water from the Yoichi River, fed by melted winter snow, and contrasting day/night temperatures to give the farm's crops distinct and delicious flavors.

 Iori Farm's processed products - Iori Farm's processed goods exude the sublime flavors of the season's choicest fruits and vegetables.

Hata's Hamper proudly presents fresh, sun-ripened mini-tomatoes and blueberries from Iori Farm - plus enticing preserves and juices crafted from the farm's finest produce. 

Iori Farm Shopping Guide