Collection: Shiinuka, Sanda Hyogo

Fresh from Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, "Shiinuka-style pickles" is now available. Yukari Shiiki's hand breathes life into a variety of colorful vegetables, including seasonal vegetables, tofu, and even eggs.

Traditionally, nukazuke pickles in Japan are made by marinating vegetables in a bed of salted rice bran fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

Rich in lactobacilli, the pickles fermented in salted rice bran promote gastrointestinal well-being, and have garnered overseas attention as a healthy food in recent years.

Yukari, who grew up eating her grandmother's hand-made nukazuke, has developed a fruity, salad-like, and delicious "shiinuka-style" of nukazuke while keeping to traditional methods. Her nukazuke is easily acceptable and is perfectly compatible with wine and sake.

Hata's Hamper recommends pairing vegetable nukazuke with Sauvignon Blanc, and tofu nukazuke (sprinkled with olive oil and black pepper) with Pinot Noir, as if it was cheese.

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