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Nasu kogen Ima farm

Fresh Cheese Party Set

Fresh Cheese Party Set

Hata's Hamper have prepared a party set for you to enjoy Ima Farm cheese collections with your family & Friends. 

April - Dec 5 pcs set / Dec - April 6pcs set 

  • Fresh Cow Milk Cheese "Yukiyanagi with salt" 150g
  • White Mold Cheese "Ohinata" 130g
  • Washed Rind Cheese "RIndo" 100g
  • Semi hard Cheese "Minori" 100g 
  • Goat Milk Cheese "Chause-dake"  90g (April - Dec)
  • Cow  Milk Aged Cheese " Nasuno " 100g ( Dec - April )
  • Fresh Cow Milk Cheese "Yukizasa " 100g (Dec- April )

1. Yukiyanagi with salt(Fresh cheese/ cow)150g

A fresh cheese with a mouth-watering smooth texture. Yukiyanagi is a fresh cheese, but it is not a paste like cream cheese, but rather a cheese with an elastic and fluffy texture.

Shelf life:7days / Storage method:Refrigeration required chilled at 10℃ or below / Allergy category: Milk

Yukiyanagi can be served like chilled tofu with wasabi soy sauce, sprinkled with green onions and dried bonito flakes.

2. Ohinata - Heart-shaped white mold cheese 130g

It is based on the oldest cheese called [Neuchatel] from the Normandy region, which is famous for Camembert in France. It has a smooth texture characteristic of the acid-firming type, as well as the taste of tender milk.

Blue mold from blue mold cheese may adhere to the cheese during the manufacturing process, but is not quality related and should be enjoyed with no worries.

3. Goat Cheese " Chause-dake"  90g (April - Nov)

Chausudake" is a rare Japanese chevre cheese made with high-quality goat's milk from the Ima Farm.

Chausudake is a "seasonal product" 

It may take 5 to 10 days from the time of order to delivery.

Nasuno - Cow Milk  80g (Dec - April )
The skin is covered with charcoal and aged for 10 days. The texture is firm but crumbles in the mouth, and the richness is accompanied by a moderate acidity.It is recommended as an appetizer or for dessert with honey, citrus jam, or dried fruit. 

Yukizasa - Cow Milk 100g  (Dec - April )

4. Washed cheese " Rindo "100g

Soft and tasty through to the skin, it can also be used as a sauce.
Cut into pieces and serve as is for a rich milk flavor.
It can also be served warm on gratin or pizza.

5. Cow's milk cheese"Nasuno"80g

Lovely little round shape, acid curdling type cow's milk cheese.

The rind is coated with charcoal and aged for 10 days. It has a firm, firm texture that falls apart in the mouth and has a rich, full-bodied taste with just the right amount of acidity.

It is recommended not only as an appetizer, but also as a dessert with honey, citrus jam, or dried fruit.

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