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Minori kobo

Gluten Free Organic Gelato Set of 6

Gluten Free Organic Gelato Set of 6


 Minori Kobo original gelato set. The set includes 6 popular classic flavors.

  • Gen mai cha (Brown rice tea) 119ml
  • Ma cha (Green tea)119ml
  • Hoji cha (roasted green tea)119ml
  • Rich chocolate 119ml
  • Gen mai Milk 119ml
  • Strawberry & Cranberry 119ml

This is MINORI Kobo's original gelato with the addictive aroma of brown rice pon crackers(Puffed brown rice).

Pon-gashi(Puffed brown rice) are grains that have been expanded(puffed)through proceeding same methods like popping popcorn.

The following points are adhered to faithfully for all products.

  • Organic
  • Uses only plant-based foods.
  • No generated sugar
  • No produced grains
  • Free of 7 major allergens (Egg, milk, wheat, shrimp, crab, peanut, buckwheat)
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