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Nukadoko refresh condiments set

Nukadoko refresh condiments set


The condiments for refreshments, which were very popular in Shiinuka's main school lessons, are now available in small packets that can be used in one go.

The flavor, fragrance, and sweetness are blended in an exquisite ratio, all finely cut and crushed, so it can be used directly into nukadoko after opening the pack.

please use in such a case.

To add flavor to nukadoko
To add fragrance to nukadoko
To add sweetness to nukadoko

Regular monthly additions of bran in the following amounts will help keep the bran bed tasty at all times.

Suggested usage example
21cm pot = 250g rice bran + 40g salt + 1 small condiment set
24cm pot = 500g rice bran + 80g salt + 1 large condiment set
27cm pot = 1kg rice bran + 160g salt + 2 large condiment sets


- Kelp (Hidaka kelp, additive-free)
- Chili pepper (from Sanda City, special cultivation, no pesticides used during cultivation)
- Dried shiitake mushrooms (domestically produced, no pesticides used during cultivation)
- Citrus peel (domestic, no pesticides used during cultivation)
- Raisins (California JAS organic)
- Sansho peppercorns (from Sanda City)

Total 6 kinds

How we prepared

(1) Dried shiitake mushrooms - roasted at low temperature to maximize flavor and aroma.

2) Citrus peels: We carefully select and dry citrus peels such as amanatsu, kawachi-bankan, onshu-mikan, and yuzu that are particularly fragrant and sweet, depending on the season.
In addition, they are carefully cleaned one by one and cut by hand, so they can not only be added as condiments, but can also be taken out after a while in the nukadoko and served as a beautiful topping on top of nukazuke (pickled vegetables).

3) Sansho peppercorns - quickly boiled and then dried at low temperature, so they are brightly colored and very flavorful.

◆Healthful nukadoko - Since this nukadoko is used to produce healthy Nuka-zuke, please be assured that the ingredients are carefully selected to be additive-free and as free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers as possible during the cultivation period.

Small pack approx. 6g
Large pack approx. 12g

Shipping Methods & Shipping Charges

180yen (standard price)
Up to 8 small bags
Up to 6 large bags

*If the package is to be combined with other items, we will revise the shipping charges and inform you again after your payment.

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