Collection: Fujii Farm, Habikino Osaka

"The produce that makes you happy when you taste it."

Fujii Farm, located in Habikino City, Osaka, is owned by Mr. Kanji Fujii, who loves to take on various challenges with his enthusiastic staff. As he puts it, "We would like our customers to enjoy the original delicious taste of vegetables and fruits!“. 

In particular, Fujii Farm has been producing figs for more than 50 years. Its fully ripened figs, which are bathed in sunlight, are vibrant in color, sweet and aromatic. The figs are picked in the morning starting at 2:00 a.m., then shipped on the same day, so that freshly-picked, ripe figs can be enjoyed at home.

This commitment to farming has expanded the scope of cultivation to include greenhouse figs, tomatoes, corn and Usui peas.

Hata's Hamper is proud to offer Fujii Farm's delicious seasonal products.

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