Collection: Vege Life, Abiko Chiba

"Vegetables that energize the body and mind"

Vege Life", run by Takehiko Katori in Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture, grows about 150 kinds of vegetables (without any pesticide or chemical fertilizers) annually on soil that has been improved to suit the local climate. Only the best vegetables from each harvest are selected for his customers. 

After he stopped work at a trading company, he started "Vege Life" in 2017, with the vision of "making a professional farmer the dream job”. Taking advantage of the easy accessibility of the area, he energetically promotes the appeal of farming work by organizing various events, including farming experiences and collaborations with fellow farmers.

As a father of four children, Takehiko puts a lot of love into the vegetables he grows because he would like his children to enjoy them with a peace of mind.

This vegetable set, filled with Takehiko's passion, is available in S size (6-7 items), M size (8-9 items), and L size (10-11 items), with carefully selected seasonal vegetables.

Enjoy these vegetables as they add a touch of color to your meal!

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