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Natural sweets, nourish your body, mind and soul

Atelier TiDANEFA is pleased to present a variety of healthy sweets crafted with care and happiness!

When Hata's Hamper participated at the Expat Expo Tokyo, Ha-Ha was introduced to many products, one of which was the sweets by Atelier TiDANEFA. Not only are their sweets tasty and irresistible, the story of creating these sweets is just as compelling!

~ Barrier-free sweets ~

Ms. Hirata herself has suffered from food allergies for many years. Based on her own dietary experience, she created barrier-free sweets that she, as well as others like her, could enjoy and eat with peace of mind. Her passion for sweets also led her to hold French pastry classes for like-minded sweet lovers.

~ Aiming to deliver the authentic taste of France~

Miss.Hirata, fascinated by French pastries, studied pastry-making in France, and obtained the “Diplôme de Pâtisserie” from Ritz Escoffier Paris Culinary Institute. She then trained as a pastry chef in authentic French pastries in Paris such as "L`Espadon" (2 stars) at Hotel Ritz, the restaurant, "Taillevent", and the bakery, "Pâtisserie de l'Eglise".

~ Bringing her love for sweets back to Japan ~

Upon her return to Japan, she could not work in the food industry for more than 10 years due to worsened condition of atopic dermatitis. Fortunately, she landed a job at a confectionery school. When she was assigned to teach a class on food allergies, she began to research on vegan sweets based on macrobiotic principles.

In 2013, she launched "TiDANEFA," a brand of natural sweets made with only plant-based ingredients. She developed, proposed, and manufactured sweets that were gentle to the body and mind, and also offered classes to teach the macrobiotic concept, and share the process of making sweets. In 2021, she opened Atelier TiDANEFA in Machida, Tokyo.

~ Hirata's wish to share the "joy of making" with everyone ~

Ms. Hirata has always wanted her customers to make sweets, not just buy them. Following her wish, Hata's Hamper is pleased to introduce a canelé DIY kit that allows customers to enjoy freshly made canelé, a traditional French pastry, and one of Ms. Hirata’s signature sweets, at home.

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