Collection: Nasu kogen Ima farm

We are pleased to introduce a selection of cheeses made with great care by the sister of Sumie, a friend of Hata's Hamper who assists in our Furano operation.

Ima Farm is located in the Nasu Highlands in the northern most part of Tochigi Prefecture, where the Ima family has been producing delicious milk since 1947.

The long transfer time is hard on the milk and the taste is greatly affected. In other words, the strength of Ima Farm's cheese production is the freshness and speed with which fresh milk from cows & goats is immediately processed into cheese as the factory is part of Ima farm.

Goat cheese, which is rare in Japan, has received high praise both in Japan and abroad for its taste and flavor, and has won numerous awards at contests. Aged cheeses are also available, such as "wash," "semi-hard," and "acid hardening," all of which are unique in their own way.

Please enjoy our special cheeses nurtured in Nasu Highlands, which go well not only with wine but also with Japanese sake.

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